Friday, September 24, 2010

Two New Tire Carrier Hinge Designs by Competition 4x4

Okay I have been a lazy blogger over this past year with pretty much no posts and insights...but thats changing now. We're about to take the power back! Don’t think that comp4x4 has been lazy. Were active on Facebook, Twitter, and were extremely active in our company designing new products and trying to make the company better.

So what have we been up to? We have great things in the works. We are working on several tire carrier latch kit designs, new tire carrier hinges setups, new tire carrier all in one mounting plate, a brand new website with thousands of products with worldwide shipping, and much more!

Let us first get you up to speed on two new tire carrier hinge setups that are now available at Competition 4x4. We have finished designing our double shear tire carrier hinge kit (also called a dual shear tire carrier hinge kit). It is up on our website HERE.

The double shear bracket is laser cut from 1/4” thick steel and has two 1/4” thick gussets welded in. The bearing housing is sealed top and bottom to keep out the elements. No dust cap is needed. This kit should solve the majority of any breaking spindles for those of you carrying larger than a 35” tire on your Jeep, Truck, or Suv. The great thing is that this is a bolt-on application so you can remove your carrier and spindle if you ever need to. The brackets have been cut and are currently being bent. They will be available for purchase the beginning of October 2010.

We have also come up with a bolt style tire carrier hinge design. This kit is now available for purchase on our website HERE.

This kit features a one inch diameter grade eight bolt with a yellow zinc finish to provide corrosion resistance. The bolt has a 150,000 psi minimum rating for tensile strength! Now that’s a beast of a tire carrier hinge. It’s pretty bullet proof! The kit comes with two sleeves. The lower sleeve is put in your bumper and the upper sleeve goes into your tire carrier main arm. The kit then comes with 4 oil impregnated bushings that are pressed into each end of the sleeves. This provides a smooth surface for the bolt and bumper tubes to ride against. As the bushings heat up or experience friction, they actually excrete small amounts of lubricating oil! The kit can be ordered to accommodate bumpers in a variety of sizes.

Check out these new tire carrier hinge kits and let us know what you think. You like them, hate them, you have a better idea? Let us know! We are finishing up design on another tire carrier hinge setup that is a face-mount. That is, you can mount you tire carrier on the front of a bumper as opposed to on top of it.