Thursday, September 17, 2009

Here's Your Free Stuff

After hundreds of hours of web design, we now have the FREE CONTEST GIVEAWAY section up on our site now. You can go to the home page at and click the link to enter, or here is the direct link:

As we noted before, it is free to enter and free to win. You don’t need to pick it up either; we will mail it out for free as well.

When you go to the page, just read the steps, fill out the form, submit it, and your good to go. We will be choosing a winner in early December so it will get to a lucky somebody before Christmas.

There are a few questions on the form that are just for fun. If you don’t want to answer them, they are not required. However, I feel it is very important and relevant information. We need to know who you would rather fight out of Kanye West and Boy George, or who would at least win between the two.

Besides building Jeep parts, sharpening my ninja skills, and bench pressing ‘little people’, I am also a huge MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, ie. UFC, WEC, K-1 etc.) fan. So if you happen to guess who my favorite MMA fan is and why, you might just secure yourself the win... unless somebody has a huge heart throb story of why they need to win. I cant imagine why on this product though.

Now go and enter already.

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