Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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This month we've launched three new products and will be launching one more next month!

First we have a custom latch kit specifically designed for swing away tire carriers. This a basic style latch setup that will be very accommodating for beginner and intermediate level fabricators.
  Check out the new latch HERE

Due to a lot of feedback and requests for an upright dual shear hinge kit that can fit in small areas, we've developed a dual shear bracket for our kits that works as a weld on version and is still incredibly strong.
  Check out the new dual shear tire carrier hinge kit HERE

Lastly, we've launched another tire carrier hinge kit that's not only a dual shear, but it can be mounted at any angle. This is extremely nice for vertical swing away tire carriers and face mount applications.
  View the new multi-position dual shear tire carrier hinge kit HERE

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