Wednesday, October 10, 2012

No More Roll Pins in Tire Carrier Hinge Kit Designs

Competition 4x4 will no longer be using roll pins as part of their tire carrier designs. Starting October 10th, 2012, kits will not ship with a roll pin.

The purpose of the roll pin is to provide an automatic height setup for first time fabricators and repeat builds. However, many people became confused in thinking that the roll pin’s sole purpose was to hold the actual spindle shaft in place. 

We still recommend using a sleeve with all our tire carrier hinge kits and fully welding the sleeve into the bumper instead of the shaft, therefore reducing the amount of heat and potential crystallization and weakening of the spindle shaft. We do recommend putting a few light tack welds on the bottom of the spindle shaft to the inside of the DOM tubing sleeve. 

The DOM tubing sleeve should be welded into the bumper while the spindle shaft is inside of it at the correct height. As the sleeve heats up from the weld, it will shrink the internal diameter and pressure fit itself onto the spindle shaft. The pressure fitment and tack welds on the bottom are more than enough to hold the shaft into place. 

Removing this item from future kits will create less confusion and help to keep pricing low from a slight reduction in labor.

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